Friday, June 15, 2012

Officer Winslette receives Purple Heart for surviving a life-threatening incident in the life of duty

Officer David Winslette with Chief Zumalt after receiving Purple Heart Award
 Officer David Winslette (right) with Chief Jon Zumalt (left). Chief Zumalt is holding the DuPont Kevlar Award.

Officer David Winslette received the Purple Heart award for the events on January 14, 2012

On January 14, 2012, North Charleston Police Officer David C. Winslette cleared a call in reference to a stolen iPad from a residence on Allen Drive. The complainant provided Officer Winslette with a name and physical description of the suspect.

While parked at the El Cheapo fuel station on lower Dorchester Rd, about one block from the incident location, Officer Winslette searched the portable DMV database for a photo of the suspect, which he located. Shortly after, Officer Winslette observed a subject fitting the description of the suspect enter the El Cheapo, where he purchased a few items.

After exiting the store, Winslette watched the suspect as he walked towards a dark sedan, which was parked at the fuel pumps. Winslette exited his patrol car and approached the suspect, making a verbal request to speak with the suspect to conduct a field interview. The suspect continued to walk away from Officer Winslette, ignoring his requests.

As Winslette came into within eight feet of the suspect, the suspect turned quickly to his right, discharging two 9mm rounds. The first round struck Officer Winslette in the upper left chest portion of his vest, causing him to stumble back from the impact. The second round struck Officer Winslette’s left knee, shattering the knee cap and knocking him to the ground.

Realizing that the situation was life-threatening and within milliseconds of being wounded, Officer Winslette reached for his radio to contact Communications. During his fall, the battery was dislodged from his radio. Displaying great fortitude, Officer Winslette assembled his radio as rounds three and four were discharged by the suspect, missing their intended target. Officer Winslette radioed for help and advised he had been shot. Winslette was able to provide a detailed description and the direction of travel of the shooter, who he observed fleeing the scene across a busy roadway.

Due to his diligence, quick-thinking, and courage, Winslette was able to keep his composure, utilized sound judgment and did not return fire, which could have risked injury to innocent civilians. Officer Winslette honored his responsibility and answered the call to serve and protect the citizens of North Charleston, nearly with the sacrifice of his very life.

Officer David C. Winslette is a credit to the City of North Charleston, the Mayor, the Police Department and the citizens he’s sworn to protect.

Pictured in the photo (L-R), Ronald McBride (IACP DuPont), Tommy Norris (Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient), David Winslette (NCPD), and Jeff Fackler (DuPont Protective Services)
Officer Winslette accepted the DuPont Kevlar Award in Texas, which is given in recognition to those who have survived life-threatening incidents by wearing personal body armor.


  1. Pictured in the photo, Ronald McBride (IACP DuPont), Tommy Norris (Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient), David Winslette (NCPD), and Jeff Fackler (DuPont Protective Services).

  2. Thank you for the information. We added it as a caption to the photo.


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