Wednesday, August 5, 2009

North Charleston Fire Department tests a new fire suppressant

The North Charleston Fire Department conducted a live training exercise and test of FireIce gel. Fire was set to the interior of a car, and was extinguished using a 2 ½ gallon water extinguisher mixed with the gel.

North Charleston Fire Department Battalion Chief Leon Coker attested to FireIce’s capability saying, “I saw a fireman scoop it into his hand then heat the hand with a 1500 BTU torch. He did not feel a thing.” Coker continued, “What impressed me the most was when the demonstrator actually ate the FireIce gel.”

When added to water, FireIce stops fire in its tracks by directly adhering to burning material while cooling and rapidly suffocating the fire. This helps to prevent relights and reduces firefighter risk.

FireIce can be used directly on wildfires, brush fires, structure fires and even to extinguish tire fires. No special equipment is necessary. FireIce mixes directly in pumper trucks, water canisters, water tankers and aircraft tankers. Simply flush with water for easy clean up. Environmentally friendly and conserves precious water.

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