Friday, March 26, 2010

Citizens Receive Award for Kidnapped Infant’s Safe Return

Today, the FBI along with the North Charleston Police Department, presented checks in the amount of $10,000.00 each to two citizens responsible for the identification and apprehension of 19 year old Andrea Samone Walker, in the kidnapping of a one month old infant outside of a North Charleston post office.

Walker is accused of kidnapping one month old Angel Perez from his mother’s vehicle while parked outside of the US Post Office on Rivers Avenue, Monday, November 23, 2009. Investigators determined that at some point on November 23rd Walker visually observed the victim and her infant child. It then appears that Walker began following the victim. When the victim arrived at the post office, Walker saw the victim enter the post office without the child. Walker then entered the victim’s vehicle, removed the child from a car seat and fled the area with the child.

During the investigation police received numerous calls and information from the public regarding the abduction and possible sighting of the suspect and infant victim. Two citizens were able to provide investigators with specific information identifying the suspect and missing child. Acting on those tips officers located one month old Angel Miguel Perez at a residence in Summerville. The infant was found unharmed and later reunited with his parents.

The citizens receiving the reward, who wish to remain anonymous, sated they did what they hope everyone would do cooperate with police. Both said they were glad that the infant was able to be reunited with his parents.

FBI Special Agent Paul Fravel said, “We are proud of the two for coming forward and their help in bringing this situation to a happy resolution.” Chief Jon Zumalt said, “This speaks to the issue of trust. If our citizens trust law enforcement they will work with us, and this is what we work at everyday developing trust in the community. I am proud of the two them.”

The money came from the FBI’s reward Program.

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