Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fire Museum receives generous donation from Case Family

On behalf of the Case Family and the Raymond Case Scholarship Fund, Ms. Linda Case presented a donation in the amount of $8,555.19 to the North Charleston and American LaFrance Fire Museum and Educational Center. The gift will be used for the establishment of a ‘Make Your Own Patch’ exhibit to promote fire safety.

New and innovative exhibits and features are vital in sustaining the popularity and educational value of any museum. From a 32’ touch screen, the ‘Make Your Own Patch’ exhibit will allow museum visitors to build a patch based on eight to ten templates. After template selection, customization will include background and border colors, two editable text regions, and insertion of iconic firefighting images. Each patch prints onto a sticker with a fire safety message. When the exhibit is idle it will continue as a passive display showcasing fire safety messages and images. The exhibit should be fully operational by summer’s end.

This gift is one of many donated to the Fire Museum from the Case Family. Others include an antique fire hose nozzle and a charcoal rendering displayed in the Fire Museum lobby to honor a notable moment of Mr. Case’s fire service career. The caption accompanying the rendering describes his heroic actions at River Downs Race Track on the outskirts of Cincinnati on June 11, 1973. It was there that Mr. Case rescued a German Sheppard from certain death and was instrumental in the safety of an estimated 200 horses. For his actions, he received recognition from the Cincinnati Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Before moving to the Greater Charleston Area, Raymond Case retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department with thirteen years of service. He received numerous accolades during his tenure, including national recognitions.

The City of North Charleston and the Fire Museum are grateful for the overwhelming generosity of the Case Family.

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