Monday, June 7, 2010

Atlas Executive Consulting opens firm at Lowcountry Innovation Center

Atlas Executive Consulting, LLC, a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), announced today that its new headquarters has opened at the Lowcountry Innovation Centerat the Navy Yard. The company is headed by CEO Paul Kitchin, a former Marine and disabled veteran and COO George Friedl, and includes offices in North Charleston, SC and San Diego, CA. Founded in 2006, the firm offers consulting services to Department of Defense (DoD) agencies that incorporate advanced business management techniques including data visualization and analytics, integrated project management, and sustaining and strategic support.

“The bottom line is that we’re achieving savings and uncovering efficiencies for our clients within the Department of Defense and, ultimately, for the US taxpayer,” injects Friedl. “We provide a simple Value Proposition – deliver thought leadership, creativity, and unparalleled talent at lower rates than our competitors.”

Atlas accomplishes this by maintaining a lean organization with an optimized overhead structure. “Our services can apply not only to government clients, but the private sector as well,” adds Friedl. “Atlas is developing smarter, innovative ways to operate and delivers exceptional quality in its products.”

A sample of the firm’s services includes: Business Analytics, employing business dashboards based on sophisticated analytical and statistical techniques, optimizing an organization’s elements based on metrics and objective data; Organizational Strategy focused on understanding clients’ goals and objectives and providing insight to accomplishment; and Resource Management, overseeing interconnected areas like program, financial, and human capital.

Atlas’ clientele includes the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) program under the auspices of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command (SPAWAR). The scope of Atlas’ work is nationwide including SPAWAR Headquarters, SPAWAR Pacific (San Diego) and SPAWAR Atlantic (North Charleston).

“We’re working on base closures across the country,” says Friedl. “To support these, we have deployed the full range of our services including project management, industrial and electrical engineering, analytics, and overall implementation support. We are currently assisting our clients with the construction, design, and engineering of a world class laboratory in Charleston focused on cloud computing, server virtualization, virtual storage, and other state of the art cyber capabilities.”

Currently, Atlas has 20 employees, 12 at the North Charleston headquarters, and 8 in San Diego. “Our goal is to expand smartly in strategic areas where we can deliver exceptional value and impact,” adds Friedl. “Long term, we’re looking at opportunities with private sector clients as our services contribute toward success and optimization, making a significant difference in an organization and, ultimately, in its bottom line.”

Los Angeles native Friedl moved from San Diego to North Charleston, after visiting the Lowcountry on business with his wife. “We had a contract on another building in North Charleston, but a contact told me about the unique, ‘open salon’ approach offered by the Lowcountry Innovation Center. Already, the open environment here has led to new business for us.”

Eager to create strategic relationships with firms who hold values similar to its own, Friedl says Atlas has collaborated on projects with fellow LIC tenant Trinity Systems Engineering, LLC. “We provided subject matter expertise to one of their clients who needed support and they’ve been great in working with us to provide innovative solutions.”

The company is highly selective in hiring its consultants, who are chosen not only for their education and experience, but for their work ethic and professionalism. Atlas consultants include former Senior Executive Service civilians, military leaders from the officer and enlisted ranks, and top management consulting firm talent. Their backgrounds include extensive experience in information technology management and operations, mathematics and statistics, economics, commercial finance, program management, and human resources.

“A big part of our story is that our CEO Paul Kitchin is incredibly talented and a disabled vet,” shares Friedl. “It was of the utmost importance to Paul to continue to serve the DoD from the private sector after suffering active duty military career-ending injuries.”

The use of a SDVOSB is required for certain mandatory targets set upon both public sector agencies and private sector prime contractors. “Atlas is becoming the partner of choice for our large business teammates due to our rigorous business processes, responsiveness, and quality,” concludes Friedl. “Customers shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality when fulfilling an SDVOSB quota, and we ensure that they do not.”

North Charleston Mayor R. Keith Summey commented, “Atlas Executive Consulting is an example of the high caliber firms that are locating in the Lowcountry Innovation Center. Their work encompasses important roles for the Department of Defense, and has an impact nationally. We’re excited that Atlas chose North Charleston as their headquarters.”

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