Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Spay and Neuter for your pets

Stray dogs in the forest
The Charleston Animal Society is offering free spay or neuter operations to residents of North Charleston. In addition, rabies vaccinations will be provided at no cost.

Call (843) 556-7729 to make your appointment. A limited number of free slots are available.

Did you know? In Charleston County, 10,064 homeless pets entered shelters last year and 4,819 were put down. Charleston County shelters cannot save and support the huge number of accidental litters, strays, and family pets brought to shelter doors everyday.

These free surgeries are made possible by generous grants from Charleston Animal Society donors.


  1. Great job Charleston Animal Society! We are killing over 19,000 companion pets in the Columbia area. I hope we can offer free spay/neuter services soon!

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