Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SC Department of Transportation wants your traffic reduction ideas

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Public input meeting: Thursday, September 20
Open House: 5:30 pm-7:30 pm
Short Project Overview: 6:00 pm
North Charleston City Hall
2500 City Hall Lane, North Charleston, SC 29406

If you have experience congestion along I-526 between Rivers Avenue in North Charleston and US Hwy 17 in Charleston, the South Carolina Department of Transportation wants your traffic reduction ideas.

The Corridor Analysis for I-526 between North Charleston and Charleston examines the roughly eight-mile segment of Interstate between Rivers Avenue in North Charleston and US 17 in West Ashley - including the system-to-system interchange of I-526 and I-26. The study team’s primary tasks are to gather baseline information about the corridor and to solicit ideas for reducing today’s traffic and meeting tomorrow’s needs.

All ideas received will be considered including: travel demand management alternatives to either reduce the overall travel in the corridor or spreading the peak travel demand to off-peak periods; multi-modal strategies to shift vehicle or truck travel to other modes of travel, such as transit or rail; traffic operation improvements to improve the efficiency of traffic flow; and capacity improvements within the road network.

Feasible ideas will then be studied and evaluated with traffic analyses, travel demand modeling, and corridor geometric evaluations. By the conclusion of this eighteen month study, alternatives will be identified and evaluated not only for near term, low-cost strategies, but also for more costly, future-year capacity strategies.


  1. Here is an idea for on ramps. Take a note from California. Install the red light green light merge system to allow only a few cars at one time onto the I. Since most people in the area don't know how to merge this may help.

  2. Please convert an existing lane of ashley phos to turn east onto i26. There has to be thousands of us that need this