Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VOTE! Elections held Tuesday, November 8

The City of North Charleston will hold its municipal election for Mayor and City Council on Tuesday, November 8.  Polls will be open from 7:00am - 7:00pm.

Council District Map

Find your voting location


Name  Office  Address  Email Address 
Keith Summey  Mayor  5051 Spaniel Drive  keith@keithsummey.org
Chris Collins  Mayor  4654 Spruill Avenue  Chriscollins700@mybluelight.com
Ed Astle  Council District 1  7709 Quest Drive  eastle@bellsouth.net 
Gregory A Deese  Council District 1  7777 Oldridge Rd.  Gregory.deese@comcast.net 
Rhonda Jerome  Council District 2  PO Box 61413  Ncdist2@comcast.net 
Bobby Jameson  Council District 3  8965 Deerwood Drive  Ncdist3@comcast.net 
Russell Coletti  Council District 3  8107 Long Shadow Ln.  loijoe@comcast.net 
Vernon Pryor  Council District 4  9456 Markley Blvd.  Vpryor9@yahoo.com 
Brian Hill  Council District 4  4263 Club Course  southcavrace@knology.net 
Ron Brinson  Council District 4  8655 McChune Court  rbrin@aol.com 
Steve Ayer  Council District 5  5318 Smokey Street  steveayer@yahoo.com 
Zach Closser  Council District 5  4525 Flynn Drive  Zclosser@senlaw.com 
Todd Olds  Council District 5  4381 Stoney Poynt Ct.  Btoddolds@aol.com 
Dorothy Williams  Council District 6  2502 Jonah Street  Dwilliams0521@yahoo.com 
Michael Dockery  Council District 6  4777 Arco Lane  Michael.dockery1@gmail.com 
Sam Hart  Council District 7  4789 Hassel Ave.  Slhart2011@att.net 
Bob King  Council District 8  1408 Hartford Circle  Bob1408.king@comcast.net 
Russ Patterson  Council District 8  4731 Old Park Rd.  russ@voterusspatterson.com 
Joe N Collins  Council District 8  5644 Saxon Street #5  minjoecollins@gmail.com 
Kay Hyman  Council District 8  4734 Marlboro Rd.  kayhymanKH@gmail.com 
Dwight Stigler  Council District 9  5032 E Liberty Meadows Elect-dwight.stigler@sc.rr.com 
Kenny Skipper  Council District 9  5486 King Indigo Ct.  k.skipper@yahoo.com 
Michael A Brown  Council District 10  2202 Becker Street  bmichaelchr@aol.com 
James Johnson  Council District 10  2676 Tillman Street  Mutcu57@yahoo.com

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