Tuesday, April 10, 2012

North Charleston Police Officer Named State DUI Officer of Year

On Tuesday, April 3rd, North Charleston Police Private First Class Jonathan Lawrence was named DUI Officer of the Year by the South Carolina Department of Public Safety and the South Carolina Law Enforcement Network. Last year, Lawrence made 144 DUI arrests; and 115 in 2010. For the past two years, Lawrence has also received the Gold Award for his work in DUI Enforcement.

Lawrence has a “never quit” attitude. He can be counted upon to help out his fellow officers, not with only DUI cases but with any call. Chief Jon Zumalt said, “As a result of Lawrence’s hard work and that of the other members of the department traffic fatalities have been well below yearly average. Of those fatal accidents we do have, intoxicated drivers as the cause have dropped substantially during his tenure on the DUI Enforcement Team.”