Tuesday, May 8, 2012

North Charleston Fire Department presents 3 citizens with awards for life-saving actions

The Chief’s Citizen Award is reserved for the Fire Chief to recognize citizens for outstanding actions or achievements that positively affect the fire department or community. North Charleston Fire Chief Gregory A. Bulanow presented three Citizen Awards at City Council on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

The First of the three awards was presented to Thomas Gotbeter, who responded to a complete stranger at a Little Cricket convenience store who was in full cardiac arrest. He performed CPR on the man until emergency personnel arrived on scene. The man was treated at the hospital and released several days later.
Mr. Gotbeter’s full story 

The next award was given to Andrew Glover of the North Charleston Police Department. Officer Glover observed black smoke coming from a home, after notifying dispatch, he entered the home to find two individuals sleeping. Everyone safely exited the home without injury. 

The final award was presented to Reginald Curry for his acts of bravery at the Noisette Creek Apartment fire. He not only caught a baby dropped from a second story window, but entered the structure to save another child that was otherwise trapped inside. 
Mr. Curry’s full story

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