Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Year-round, regional swimming facility opening in North Charleston

North Charleston summers

The Danny Jones swim facility is now fully enclosed and heated for year-round access. In addition, the benefits of the improvements will be passed along to the North Charleston community, providing an endless swimming season.

The improvements to the Danny Jones Complex are the culmination of a regional effort of individuals in the local swim community, led by Dr. Marco Cavazzoni through the Logan Rutledge Children's Foundation. Last year, the group approached the City of North Charleston to address the Lowcountry's lack of a swim facility to accommodate year-round, indoor training for competitive swimmers, education in water safety, swim lessons, and senior aquatic activities. The group's Lowcountry Aquatic Project Swimming (LAPS) Program seeks to provide lifelong aquatics opportunities for Lowcountry residents - with a special emphasis on teaching children in underprivileged Lowcountry areas to swim, in order to prevent accidental drownings and promoting youth wellness to fight childhood obesity and diabetes.

The group raised $350,000 in private funds and in-kind donations from community members, businesses, and institutions for the swim facility project. In addition to the private fundraising, the Town of Mount Pleasant and the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission each committed $100,000, totaling $200,000.

The City of North Charleston conducted the $1,800,000 improvements to the facility. The City’s Parks and Recreation Department will manage daily operations.


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