Friday, November 19, 2010

Project Free Entry - City unveils initiative to aid stranded motorists

Mayor R. Keith Summey along with Police Chief Jon R. Zumalt and Deputy Chief David Cheatle unveiled the city’s latest initiative to aide stranded motorists “Project Free Entry.” Through Project Free Entry officers will be able to assist residents that have locked keys in their vehicle at no cost. The lock out kit is known for its ease of use and simple design. Unlike older door entry devices, the Big Easy Lockout Kit enters the interior of the vehicle without working the interior mechanisms of the door.

Deputy Chief David Cheatle said, “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to assist citizens in a time of distress. I see this as a way for us to continue developing relationships with our residents at a most difficult time.” Eighteen officers are trained to use the Big Easy Lockout Tool Kit. The lockout kits will be strategically located with officers throughout the city.

Residents can call the city’s non-emergency phone line (843) 745-1015 to report a lockout. Officers will respond as practical as possible to render aide. Emergency calls will take priority over locked out incidents. The vehicle operator will be required to provide identification and sign a release of liability form.

Mayor Summey said, “It’s a good feeling for residents to know that they can count on the city and its police department to help out in a time of need. This is what makes North Charleston a great place to live, work, or play.”

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