Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What is your vision for Charleston County Schools?

Charleston County School District wants your feedback on proposed goals and strategies for its five-year strategic plan Charleston Achieving Excellence: Vision 2016.

Give feedback at R.B. Stall High School on February 13, 2012 at 6:00 pm.

Charleston County School District's (CCSD’s) current strategic plan Charleston Achieving Excellence centers on four priorities: Literacy Improvement, Effective Teaching and Leadership, World-Class Schools & Systems, and Strategic Partnerships. CCSD has three goals: 1) Close the achievement gap; 2) Elevate achievement overall; and 3) Raise the graduation rate.

In the 2011-2012 school year, CCSD is launching community engagement to prepare for the next stage of the plan—Charleston Achieving Excellence: Vision 2016. This next phase will strengthen the district’s emphasis on literacy improvement and teacher effectiveness and create bold annual performance targets for all students.

Graphs of Vision 2016 Goals: Third Grade English/Language Arts (ELA), Third Grade Math,Eighth Grade English/Language Arts (ELA), Eighth Grade Math, Graduation Rate

See what has been said so far...

In fall 2011, the CCSD Board of Trustees met with various stakeholder groups. In January and February 2012, the district held community meetings deisgned to garner feedback from the public. The League of Women Voters has compiled notes from the meetings.
Parent & Employee Survey Results: The district is taking steps to better support students and implement a more comprehensive performance-based accountability system across the district. The Studer Education Group is helping the district set and achieve Vision 2016 goals, improve supports for staff and parents, and identify opportunities for improvement. In December 2011, parents and employees were asked to complete engagement surveys. These are "baseline" surveys, giving the district a starting point for discussion. The Board of Trustees received copies of the survey results, and department heads and principals are being trained on the roll-out of survey results and next steps.

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