Wednesday, September 19, 2012

School Resource Officers make impact at summer camps

The 2012 School Resource Officer (SRO) Summer Camp program integrated curriculum and instruction from SROs who interacted daily with children 5 to 12 years old. In total, 480 children were involved in the program. SROs were paramount in the organization and execution of our recreational activities and cultural art projects as well.

In 2012, camp sites had organized instructional time for SROs to address campers of different age groups. Curriculum was tailored to each age group and covered law related topics, such as Shoplifting, Bullying, School Offenses, Internet Safety, Street Safety, Gang Activity, DUI/Drug Safety, and Constitutional Law.

School Resource Officers in our camps provided early detection and prevention of behavioral issues and ensured positive community relations between the Police Department and the community.

SROs participated in the following camps:
Armory Park
Jeanene Batten
Murray Hill
Minor Crosby
Felix Pinckney
Charleston Farms
Stall High School


  1. This way, the kids would learn that these officers aren't their enemies but as friends that they could depend on. They could also get to learn various things that they just couldn't learn at school.