Friday, August 2, 2013

Code Enforcement receives statewide litter control award

When a community is blighted by litter, it corrupts two images. First and foremost, it corrupts the beauty of the environment. Second, it corrupts the image of safety. While both of these have negative consequences that run below the surface, it is the second of these offenses that our law enforcement community targets when they practice a zero tolerance for litter campaign.

City of North Charleston received the City Level Zero Tolerance Achievement Award from PalmettoPride for an integrated approach to litter control, interacting with residents, civic groups, and students with educational materials, pickup events and building awareness to the campaign.

The annual Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign unites SC law enforcement officers in a month-long effort to bring the issue of litter to the forefront, enforcing state and local litter laws and educating citizens on why these laws matter. While litter laws are in place every day, this special campaign is designed to draw attention to the deeper issue of litter law violations.

PalmettoPride created the Zero Tolerance Achievement Awards to honor city, county and state level agencies for their work during the Zero Tolerance for Litter Campaign. Winners of the awards receive equipment that can assist their department in the prosecution of littering cases.

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  1. I hate to say this, but North Charleston should not have gotten that award! There is trash all over the place and high grass where they don't mow Look into the water and look on the sides of the roads! Look at the corner of Azalea and Cosgrove Avenue at the vacant lot there! Trash, debris and high grass. It is a blight, BUT the enforcement code officers and the government do nothing about it. Walk down Azalea at the high grasses. None of the companies are held accountable and neither is the government here. We, the homeowners are cited if our grass is high or there is trash in our yards, but the government officials look the other way when it is themselves or a company that have themin their pocket.