Saturday, August 6, 2011

Have you received your Charleston County reassessment notice?

Those who haven’t received notices need to call the County Assessor’s Office at (843) 958-4100.

Charleston County Government’s Assessor’s Office has remailed over 8,100 reassessment notices due to address changes. The follow-up mailing comes after the office mailed 170,000 real property notices and 9,000 mobile home notices on June 30 to implement a required, countywide real property reassessment.

The opportunity to appeal the reassessment expires on Wednesday, Sept. 28. If a taxpayer has not received a notice they need to contact the Charleston County Assessor’s Office at (843) 958-4100 as soon as possible. County staff will instruct callers on how to file a change of address and will mail them a copy of their notice.

“These assessment notices may ultimately affect property owners’ taxes, so we’re making special efforts to reach everybody,” said Toy Glennon, Charleston County Assessor.  “Even though it is the owner’s responsibility to update mailing addresses, we’re making special efforts to reach as many people as we can.”

Other notices that had to be resent were due to the owner being temporarily away and having their mail stopped, notices being returned even after a second attempt to reach the owners at an updated address, and notices to LLC’s being returned because the U.S. Post Office was not aware the LLC was housed at a particular address (as did some notices to trusts).

“Our office is required to send reassessment notices to the most recent address of record. And although we are not required to track down changed addresses, we have done so to the extent that we can,” Glennon said.

The Charleston County website has information and answers to general questions about reassessment notices.

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