Monday, October 10, 2011

1000 FREE smoke alarms from the North Charleston Fire Department

12 Smoke Detector
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The North Charleston Fire Department and the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, Division of Fire and Life Safety, are partnering to help reduce fire-related deaths and injuries through the “Get Alarmed, S.C.” smoke alarm installation program.

1000 smoke alarms will be provided to the North Charleston Fire Department for installation in homes throughout the community. In addition to installing smoke alarms, fire service personnel will provide information on general fire safety awareness and, if necessary, assist in preparing a home escape plan.

The Get Alarmed program has been credited with saving 27 lives in 13 different fires in North Charleston since its implementation in 2006. These additional alarms will help firefighters save even more lives in the city.

“Smoke alarms and fire safety awareness are essential to aid in preventing fires, injuries and fire fatalities,” S.C. State Fire Marshal Adolf Zubia said.

North Charleston Fire Chief Gregory Bulanow agrees. “This on-going partnership has been very effective in getting these life-saving devices in the homes of thousands of our residents,” he said.

Each household receiving a smoke alarm will be provided with a Smoke and Fire Safety Action Planner to assist with the development of an emergency plan of action based on each individual living situation. The Action Planner helps identify any special assistance that may be needed to help the very young, elderly or disabled escape in the event of a fire.

“Although having a working smoke alarm doubles your chances of surviving a fire, it is not the total answer in making your home fire safe, it is just the beginning,” Zubia said. “Practicing good fire safety behaviors and being prepared to take action should an emergency occur will serve to make people in our state safer from the tragedies of fire.

To receive an alarm or have your current alarms checked, call North Charleston Fire Department Headquarters at (843) 740-2616. Firefighters will contact you and schedule a time to inspect your current alarms and/or install new ones in your city residence.

“I credit the dedication of our fire crews who install these alarms at every opportunity to make our city safer,” said Bulanow.

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