Thursday, November 10, 2011

Charleston County School District makes ratings leap

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According to district report cards released by the South Carolina Department of Education today, CCSD’s growth rating jumped from “Below Average” to “Excellent,” and its Absolute rating increased from “Average” to “Good.”  The district’s graduation rate rose from 67% last year to 72% this year.

26  Excellent
30  Excellent (+4)
5    Good
6    Good (+1)
27  Average
25  Average (-2)
14  Below Average
12  Below  Average (-2)
12   At Risk
12 At Risk 

“Our district’s ‘Excellent’ growth rating and ‘Good’ absolute rating show that when we focus on literacy and teacher effectiveness—two hallmarks of Charleston Achieving Excellence—it really pays off for students,” said Dr. McGinley.  “This continued progress is a testament to our teachers’ hard work, our principals’ leadership, and our parents and community members’ commitment to public schools and the students they serve.”  

CCSD’s jump in its growth rating was attributed specifically to the substantial improvement of historically underachieving groups of students.  CCSD schools showed progress across multiple categories, including Gifted and Talented education, Advanced Placement, and the graduation rate.  This year, the state’s graduation calculation was changed to better reflect the true four-year graduation rate. “We’re very encouraged by these results, and at the same time, we’re not content so long as there are achievement gaps and our absolute rating is ‘good’,” said Dr. McGinley.  “The next phase of our strategic plan—Vision 2016—is all about accelerating our progress, setting bold goals, focusing our resources on proven strategies, and building an accountability system driven by what’s best for students and the entire community.”

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